You can't connect the dots looking forward

Steve Jobs said, "You can only connect them looking backward." You never know where life is going to take you, but eventually you will say, "Aha!"

I was preparing to show my entrepreneurship class the talk by Adora Cheung. So I googled the woman. Surprisingly, I think I "know" her. She turned out to be the economics PhD student that I followed avidly when I just started my own graduate program. Back then, blogging, particularly by economists, was such a fancy new idea that few people knew what it was about and even fewer people actually blogged. Adora was one of them. 

Life got busy for me later and she stopped posting "interesting" stuff publicly. I lost "contact" with her (meaning not in my blog feeds, of course.) Now while I am conceiving a new possibility beyond economics/finance, she has become one of the young hot shots in Silicon Valley. Can I say, "great minds think alike?"