His dad told him to get a job

Read Dan Alexander's story on Leslie Wexner here.

I haven't been so excited about an entrepreneur story for a while. No, it is not about Victoria's Secret models, but about its amazing owner. Here is a bit of excerpt that I like very much:

"When his father left on vacation, Wexner tried to solve the riddle of why his dad had always worked so hard but never made any money. He found a stack of invoices, and on a piece of scrap paper began tallying the cost and profit from each item in the store.

The numbers added up to a counterintuitive conclusion. Although big-ticket items like dresses and coats looked like they had huge margins, they actually made no money because they sat on racks forever. All of the store's profit came from less glamorous items like shirts and pants. Wexner's parents return home to find that their son, with nearly no professional experience, thought he could run their store better than they could. Wexner told his dad to take out the coats and replace them with more blouses and pants. His dad told him to get a job.

He did, founding a rival store to his father's with a $5,000 loan from his aunt in 1963." 

The rest is history. You can't make this up. It has all the ingredients I love about a life story: Big Data, entrepreneurship, lingerie models, and some father-son rivalry!