Feeling excited about Nobel

I felt really excited this morning when I read about the latest winners of Nobel Prize in physics. I have a book detailing the unbelievable adventure of finding the blue-light LED. Now the creators are Nobelists.

On a side note to that, I found myself not as enthusiastic about the incoming announcement of the prize in economics. I am still searching for the real reason, but suspect that the slow path of economic breakthroughs has something to do with it.

Did I mention that some prominent economists even tried to roll back decades of progress to resurrect the dead master Keynes? Can you imagine scientists do that, too? Newton would roll in his grave if he knew his was still considered the only way to do physics. No wonder quite a few people don't think economics is a science.

Political economy (yes, that is a term they used back in the days-politics + economics) is frustrating. Frustration leads to cynicism. To avoid becoming cynical, I should steer clear from that territory. I need to be in a field of creating. Creation shall be my salvation.