Curated content lost in one-liners

As I follow more and more people on Twitter, the time I spend on it increases. Although it doesn't take much time browsing through one-liners, quotes of the day, and pictures of others, the time adds up. To save time, I also don't jump into conversations that much. Still, it takes away a big chunk of my online time. The worst part about having too many people to follow is that it dilutes the thing I really like about Twitter: curated content. For example, Andreessen has great tweetstorms from time to time, but those are not why I like about his tweets. I like the links that he "endorses", stuffs that get me thinking. But to see his curated content, I have to endure tons of fragmented one-liners, part conversations, and sometimes ironical jokes. 

Maybe I should really decrease the number of people I follow. I can handle one Marc Andreessen, but there are plenty of Andreessen wannabes out there. But they are NOT Andreessen. We all should know what we can and what we can't do.

Or there are some applications that can aggregate curated content from Twitter (reddit? Hacker News?)