One step away from the center of the world

Wrapping up this term's entrepreneurship class, I suddenly realized that doing a startup is such a great thing for a young person that it puts him or her just one step away from the center of the world.

If you are an entertainer, you must be extremely talented and lucky to make it to Hollywood or Broadway. Being just one step way already takes a tremendous amount of lucky events. The same for a Pulitzer prize winner, Nobel-caliber scientist, billionaire on Wall Street, or POTUS. It is almost impossible for people to wish for it, work on it, and for certain to get it in those trades. 

Silicon Valley is different. I don't mean the physical Silicon Valley, but the Silicon Valley mindset startup founders all have. If you go through the process I had for my entrepreneurship students, you are literally one step away from making it in the de-facto Silicon Valley. And that last step is totally surmountable. 

So, why are you still hesitating?