Kennedy got us in, Johnson kept us in. I could...

"Kennedy got us in, Johnson kept us in. I could have blamed them and been the national hero! As Eisenhower was for ending Korea. And it wouldn't have been too bad. Sure, the North Vietnamese would have probably slaughtered and castrated two million South Vietnamese Catholics, but nobody would have cared. These little brown people, so far away, we don't know them very well, naturally you would say.

But on the other hand, we couldn't do that. Not because of Vietnam but because of Japan, because of Germany, because of the Mideast. Once the United States ceases to be a great power, acting responsibly, to restrain aggression...Russia to gobble up its neighbor."

-Richard Nixon, February 1, 1972. Vanity Fair has great excerpts from the Nixon tapes. These words should be printed in bold and put on the dest of President Obama.