The reports of PC's death have been exaggerated

So have those of PC's resurrection. People jumped on Intel's performance and rushed to make the claim that PC is not dead. That's just crazy. When Henry Blodget wrote that Apple is blowing it. I think he is crazy, too. People tend to see things through the lens of yesterday. You see "similar" things happened in the past and then believe "history always repeats itself." It is just not right. Analogy is never a good way to argue.

What people are missing is that the war between PC and new computing device or between iOS and Android is not about platforms any more. Platforms are dead. They are dead, not because new platforms eat them. They are dead because software eats them. You see, it is so easy to move across platform these days (thanks to these software geniuses and crazy market competition) that we don't care about them. I consumer media and work on stuff, platform agnostic! In fact, I am editing this post with both a PC and a mac.

So here is my prediction: PC is dead because we won't call the device we use PC anymore. But who cares?