It's becoming Hollywood

Gradually, you read stories about some kid from the middle of nowhere deciding to go West to hit it big. Hit it big, he did. A superstar was then born. Yes, I am talking about Silicon Valley, not Hollywood, but in such a way, Silicon Valley is becoming Hollywood. This is not good.

Mark Cuban wrote, "In Hollywood every one will talk and listen to you about your project.  But while they are standing there, right in front of you, they are not looking at you. They are looking past you to the next project where they can raise/sell more.  Where they can be a bigger star. There is always a bigger fish. Who ever is standing in front of them is hopefully just the bait." But this is not why I am worried. Cockiness or arrogance itself is not necessarily bad. It is the by-product of the drive to want to be successful.

What I am worried is that Hollywood does not transmit a message that as long as you work hard, you will make it. It transmits that superstars are destiny. You cannot work on becoming a superstar. Millions of young people withering in Santa Monica or Brooklyn, dreaming to get noticed somehow, can attest to this tough odd. But Silicon Valley should not be like that. It should be a symbol of the American dream. If you don't have skills, fine. If you are not a citizen, fine. If you don't know anyone, fine. Go learn the skill. Go work on your dream. Go outcompete everyone else. Go break the rule. Do all these and you will be somebody. This is what Silicon Valley should be like.

I actually like how Wall Street became synonymous with the financial industry. Even today, we still hear stories about going from the mailroom to the boardroom on Wall Street. I hope as Silicon Valley becoming synonymous with the tech industry, it still writes stories about the American dream, not the Hollywood type.