Faked neutral is worse than blatantly biased

Nina Totenberg of NPR started her reporting by saying, "One of the opponents initially called the three words a glitch."  She was talking about yesterday's two conflicting rulings on the Obamacare. She tried to present both sides of views by quoting two people from the opposing camps. This is faked neutral. It is faked because the opening is not true from the very beginning and she anchored the whole story on this line. She intentionally never bothered to offer the opposing view in its entirety and just presented like the whole thing is merely a political manipulation.

It is worse than blatantly biased. Because we know what Rush Limbaugh stands for, we know what Fox News is all about, people who don't have a clear view on the issue and just try to understand it would take lightly of these extreme views. But they think NPR stands for unbiased reporting. They then take the view from the reporters at NPR. What they don't know is that the reporters often contaminate their reporting with their own opinion. Facts are not facts any more. 

Luckily, I have learned how to listen to NPR in a correct way. Every time I sense the reporting becomes a commentary, I read the opposite. It works every time. Most importantly, we all should remember that every story told is manipulated somehow. Add your own judgment.