Student payback time

It's the time of the year to read student comments from last semester's evaluations. There are aspects that I need to work on, such as more timely return of problems sets (I prioritize exams over homework) and more in-class exercises. The good thing this time is that there are no hateful comments. Since I "invested" the most in my entrepreneurship class, I was especially nervous about what they had to say. All great. Here are some excerpts:

"Had a great time in this class. I hope that many students take the course. It is a fun, yet challenging course. Jay makes the course perfect by breaking down each step of the entrepreneurship process. Keep up the good work, Jay, and thanks for all your help and support." 

"Great course. My favorite class I've taken in my 4 years at Coe."

"This class gave me the opportunity to apply lessons and information I have taken away from all of my other business courses. It really allowed me to apply the knowledge I have gained the past three years while also challenging me to learn more. I think the continuous research that was done was difficult at the time, but improved me as a student."

"The creating of a startup allowed for me to understand different aspects of a business. Deliver clear message and understand customers. Speak in front of a group. Prepare a presentation. All of which are good skills."