I am the Elnora H. & William B. Quarton Associate Professor of Business Administration and Economics at Coe College. Visit our department's website to know about business and economics at Coe College. 

About jay chen

I am originally from Taiwan. I came to the states to study business, but ended up getting a PhD in economics. I am also a CFA charterholder. 

The two Chinese links up in the menu are a blog and a for-fee newsletter (also published in a Facebook page). I comment regularly on current events, writing in traditional Chinese characters. The target audience is the Chinese/Taiwanese readers living in the free world. My work regularly appears in two of the Taiwanese media outlets: 上報 & 信傳媒.

I have a book for Python beginning learners. It is ideal for college and graduate students who don’t have coding experience but want to learn a programming tool to handle data analysis work, especially in the finance and economics fields. Click on the Python Book to purchase the book.

Contact me by email: amazingcoestartup@gmail.com


PhD International Economics, University of California, Santa Cruz, 2010

MBA Finance, University of California, Irvine, 2003

BS Chemical Engineering, National Taiwan University, 1996

I was trained as an economist, but have broad interests in economics, finance, technology and entrepreneurship.  


Can Coase govern the Green Bay Packers? Managerial Finance, Vol. 41 Iss: 3, pp.328 - 342, with student Manish Khadka

Fade the Gap: Odds Favor Mean Reversion, working paper presented at 2015 EFA annual meetings, with student Tim Palmer

FinTech and Asymmetric Information: the Case of Lending Club, working paper presented at 2019 MEA annual meetings, with student Junjie Lei


"The Trade-Off Theory of Control in Startup Funding: A Study of Dual-Class Stock IPOs and Venture Capital", Collin Johnson, 2016

"Employee Behavior: Factors that Influence Contribution Amount in a College Setting", Meghan McClimon, 2016

"The Dow: Risk and the Return Paradox", Anthony Peterson, 2016, published in Midwest Journal of Undergraduate Research, Issue 7, 2017, pp.205 - 222

"Mean Reversion and Price Momentum in U.S. Equity Markets", Timothy Palmer, 2015


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